Valentine’s Day Inspired Nail Art

Now more than ever, we, the Artisan Luxury Brands team. have seen a wave of unique and funky nail art taking over our Instagram explore page. Whether they are acrylic, gel sns or press-on nails is neither here or there because simply put they are beautiful.
Everyday we see a new creative idea from a talented nail technician that we are dying to try. Unsurprisingly, we are not the only ones wanting to try out the latest trends in nail art. In many cases nail technicians are booked for the entire month and it takes luck and quick hands to book an appointment right when they open their agenda before it sells out. However, not all is lost here. While you may not be able to book with a nail technician, there are dozens of talented artists on Etsy and Instagram that sell beautiful press-ons for reasonable prices. Now that you know where to find nail artists, you may be looking for what to do next on your nails especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Well, look no further because we have compiled some of the cutest nails we’ve seen so far that would look great to celebrate the 14th.

Megan thee Stallion. The Houston rapper is constantly updating her Instagram followers on her latest nail look. She’s a great source of inspiration to go if you’re ever scratching your brain for a design. This particular design was inspired by the “Powerpuff Girls” and perfectly in theme for Valentine’s Day.
Hailey Baldwin. If you’re looking for nails that are more minimalistic but still have that
unique touch, these nails on the supermodel are perfect for you. The heart shape on the
nail naturally goes hand in hand with Valentine’s Day, but these nails can be rocked
during any time of the year.
Funky French Tips. These nails are a different twist on the french nails that we grew up with. For one, they don’t have a white tip and they are not evenly across the tip of the nail. This particular style is a bit more edgy, and not as basic as the traditional french
nails. With the pops of pink and red on these nails it’ll surely brighten up your days

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