Travel Series: Visiting Mexico City

If you’re craving an international trip but searching for a place closer to home, Mexico City
might be your best bet. The capital of the tropical country Mexico has so much to offer its
visitors aside from its alluring culture, beautiful weather and charming people.
What may surprise people about Mexico City is the size of the city and the amount of art that can be found in it. Founder and CEO of Artisan Luxury Brands Charlie McCoy likens the capital’s
size to New York City boroughs Brooklyn and Queens.

Mexico City became a source of inspiration for Charlie and can serve as one for you as well. The
streets are graced with murals from its local, talented artists and its architecture is next level.
Charlie’s trip to Mexico City really served as an inspiration for him and specifically his high-end
salon Orchard & Ludlow in the Lower East Side. In his time there, Charlie encountered a skate
shop that doubled as a barber shop which then convinced him to transform his own salon into
something more.
Thanks to Mexico City, Orchard & Ludlow is now not only a salon but a vintage store that sells
clothing, accessories and pieces of art from places all over the world including Mexico City.
There is so much more to Mexico City to discover and below we have pinpointed must see spots
for travelers to visit.


  • If you’re looking to go shopping and only want the best stores in your vicinity, Polanco is
    the place to go. Polanco is considered the “Beverly Hills of Mexico” and there is no
    surprise as to why given the high-end, luxury stores in the neighborhood. This is a huge
    tourist attraction, so you won’t be alone on your shopping spree.
    Santa Fe
  • Amazing food can be found anywhere in Mexico but Santa Fe in Mexico City is an
    especially great place for Mexican food. You can’t go wrong with the food selection here
    and you’ll never leave disappointed. Santa Fe is also known for its beautiful gardens and
    American style shopping malls. It’s an incredibly modern neighborhood which may differ
    from its surrounding neighborhoods.
    Zona Rosa
  • Zona Rosa translates to the “Pink Zone” in English and is known for its nightlife as well
    as its gay-friendly communtiy. Visitors to Zona Rosa are guaranteed to enjoy themselves
    with the different bars, clubs and restaurants that the neighborhood has to offer.

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