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Why New Yorker’s Trust us?

Artisanal grooming brand founded by expert barbers based in NYC. We are driven, seasoned professionals and industry veterans, highly trusted by executives, musicians, entrepreneurs and celebrities for our expertise.



Charlie McCoy

Since launching his brand on the Upper East Side in 2017, Charlie McCoy has quietly become a New York best-kept secret, building a clientele of Executives, Entrepreneurs, Designers, Professionals and Celebrities by word of mouth. A former brand ambassador for L’Oréal USA, who honed his skills for years as head barber at Kiehl’s Since 1851.

Master Barber / Founder / C.O.O

Hometown: OKC
Experience: 18+ Years
Hobbies: Cycling, Antiquing, Tattoos


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Sara grace judge

Barber Stylist / Training Manager

Hometown: St. Louis
Experience: 6+ Years
Hobbies: Guitar, Puppies, Tattoos

What Clients say:
Within a few minutes, she had his hair on the way from shaggy to wow”


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William Rodriguez

Master Barber / Operations Manager

Hometown: Miami
Experience: 20+ Years 
Hobbies: Fitness, Art and Events

What Clients say:
“I’ve followed Will for over 5 years now, he’s my guy in New York”


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Bobby Boas

Senior Stylist

From: California
Hobbies: DJ (ing)

15+ Years Experience & Former Salon Owner


  Mike Singh

AKA “Scissor Hands”

 Master Barber

11+ Years of Experience