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artisan Barber

 1728 2nd Avenue | New York, NY 10128

Leafy home to the City’s elite, the Upper East Side is a place for pastry, pearls, pocket squares refined culture and shopping.

Mon – Fri 11am – 8pm
Saturday 11am – 6pm
Sunday 12pm – 5pm


Orchard & Ludlow

254 Broome Street | New York, NY 10002

A vibrant downtown neighborhood, lined with galleries, trendy places to drink, dance and hear live music.

Mon – Fri 11am – 8pm
Saturday 11am – 6pm
Sunday 12pm – 5pm



Can I pay online when I book?

Yes, after you select your barber, service and time then at “Reserve & Pay” you will be able to attach a payment to your reservation, a convenient way to save time on the day of your service. The payment will not process at the time of the booking, but will process at the time of your service.

Will I get charged if I violate the Cancelation Policy

Yes, by selecting “Reserve” you are authorizing the shop to charge for your appointment. You will not be charged should you cancel/reschedule your appointment within 2 hours of the reservation. By booking an appointment you agree to the terms of service and the privacy policy.

Do You accept cash?

We love cash, however with recent events top of mind, our goal is to decrease touch points in the workplace in a effort to promote hygiene and mitigate the spread of bacteria. To reduce overall contact we are going cashless using all other payment methods including a venmo option for tipping your barber out side of pre-pay.

Do you accept walk-Ins?

Our establishment prides itself on making everyone feel welcome, however current social distancing rule require we heavily mitigate the volume of customer’s who wait in our shop. We require customers to book at least 45 minutes in advance or join the online wait list for a same day stand-by appointment.