Artisan Luxury Brands Redefining Luxury with New Ventures: The Grooming Alchemist and Artisan Media Group

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 18, 2020 / Luxury hair grooming company Artisan Luxury Brands has broadened its horizons and entered the coaching and consulting space with two new business ventures: The Grooming Alchemist and Artisan Media Group. With its new branches, the luxury lifestyle company looks to guide individuals and companies that look to level up in business and life.



Top Entrepreneur Charlie McCoy on Building an Empire From Scratch

Master Barber Charlie McCoy has the Midas touch. From having to pull himself up by his bootstraps to turning his businesses, Artisan Barber and Orchard & Ludlow, into empires, the top entrepreneur knows the secret recipe to building an empire with only a pebble at hand.



City Diaries: Meet New York’s High Priest Of Haircuts

254 Broome Street: a barbershop, a gallery, a designer store, and an event venue all under a single name. Artisan Barber is more than just the neighborhood barbershop. It is a space for the cosmopolitan, sophisticated, and freethinking New Yorker who values both inward aestheticism and outward grooming. With a team of hand- picked barbers and stylists, and an array of artists and designers, Artisan Barber invites you to play with the figure reflected in the mirror but also to cultivate the person sitting on the other side.



How Ronny Chieng, Comedian and Actor, Spends His Sundays


MAINTENANCE It’s easy to get your haircut on Sunday, there’s no time pressure. Finding a good barber is like finding a good lawyer — you gotta go to the same guy. I go to Danny at Artisan Barber.



Large Crowds Outside NYC Restaurants, Bars Raise Concerns About Coronavirus Spread



Charlie McCoy on Leading the New Wave of CEOs

The true measure of greatness rests in the ability to make a meaningful impact on something that is far bigger than oneself. Simply put, it takes being great to make a difference. And as one of those who have been exuding the hallmarks of outstanding leadership, Charlie McCoy has revolutionized how laudable corporate figures like chief executive officers carry and present themselves.



Celebrity Barber and CEO Charlie McCoy on Working With Spike Lee In and Out of the Barber Chair

Any professional, practitioner, or entrepreneur who delivers consistent quality services and demonstrates genuine dedication to their craft is bound to attract and gain the loyalty of clients. This proved true for celebrity barber Charlie McCoy, an esteemed personality in the haircare space who has earned the trust of several household names because of his work ethic and expertise at the craft.



How Former Jehovah’s Witness Charlie Mccoy Established a Community for Others Like Him

There are plenty of outlets for people to share their life stories, struggles, and victories. While therapists, blogs, and podcasts are the most common places you can find people sharing, one of the gems that people often overlook are salons and barbershops. People can engage in casual talks, free of judgment, and share freely without extra costs outside of haircare. Charlie McCoy has thrived in the industry, and knowing that there are others like him leaving religious organizations, has enabled him to create a unique environment.



Celebrity Barber Charlie McCoy on Overcoming Setbacks During a Pandemic

The global health crisis has indeed tested the waters of several entrepreneurs and enterprises. As the economy continues to suffer a major setback, many industries have slowly succumbed to business failures and bankruptcy. However, there are some exceptional figures that have continued to sail through these stormy seas. And one of them is Charlie McCoy, the esteemed CEO and founder of Artisan Luxury Brands.



Former Jehovah’s Witness Elder, Charlie McCoy, Builds His Alux Brands Business Empire in NYC

Hindrances to personal growth and success can come in different forms. People who are in pursuit of their goals could find themselves contending with the lack of knowledge and skills necessary to translate their vision into reality, inadequate resources, a lack of social support, and more. At times, these challenges could be inherent in their environment, as was the case with Charlie McCoy, a master barber turned entrepreneur who is now making waves in the industry. Using his position at the summit to create a positive impact, he serves as a source of inspiration for anyone who has ever felt trapped in their situations.



Charlie McCoy Gives a Glimpse of His Life as a CEO

In the middle of all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, everyone is just trying to make it through. Hopping from one task to another and checking things off the to-do list, dreamers and go-getters pour their unyielding dedication and commitment as they conquer their endeavors and fulfill their ambitions. And in the case of Charlie McCoy, a well-established CEO in New York City, he tries to show that despite his reputable standing, he is just one of the hustling crowd.