Freshest Hairstyles from Celebrities So Far in 2021

The start of 2021 was only a few weeks ago, but some of our favorite celebrities are already coming with heat with their newest looks. Some have “broken the internet” with a few of their outfit choices, whether it’s because they got their hands on an exclusive Nike SB release or because they showcased an edgy new hairstyle.
Either way, these male celebrities can serve as inspiration for the next look you want to do with your tresses, short or long. Scroll through this list to find your next look to get you through the first quarter of 2021.

  • Dwyane Wade. The retired professional basketball player rang in the New Year with his loved ones and bleached hair. This isn’t the first time the 39-year-old has played with colors, having gone pink before, and every time he does he kills it. A bleached look when performed by a skilled barber who knows what they’re doing, like the ones at Artisan Barber, is a great way to shake up your look. Plus, if you keep your hair short like Wade does, if you end up feeling like the look doesn’t match your vibe you can always shave it off and start fresh! But, trust us, a bleached look looks good on everyone.
  • Drake. So while the Canadian rapper has rocked his “heart hairstyle” for a while now,
    much like Wade he entered 2021 with the same look. The heart etched into his hair is part of a marketing strategy for the rapper’s upcoming studio album, Certified Lover Boy but even if you yourself don’t have a music releasing anytime soon, you can still rock his look. Maybe you want to be festive for Valentine’s Day coming up, or you simply like the new twist to your hair; either way it’s bound to look good on anyone who tests it out.
  • Steve Lacy. Rock some red like the talented singer himself. If you’re feeling like you
    want to take a risk and spice your days up during this pandemic, going red might just be the look for you. Whichever shade of red you choose is completely up to you, whether you want one that complements your skin tone, or, aren’t really concerned with that, just make sure you go to a licensed professional to ensure your hair’s health.
  • Noah Centineo. With few places to go during this pandemic and fewer people to see, now is a great time as any to grow out your tresses and see if that look is for you.
    Centineo’s hair isn’t incredibly long but you can aim for that length or go even longer,
    whichever suits you! To keep your tresses in tip top condition, make sure to use Artisan
    Barber’s Caribbean Tobacco Shampoo and Conditioner for the optimal look!
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