Artisan Barber 3.0

Artisan Barber 3.0

Owner and Founder of Artisan Barber, Charlie McCoy, recently graduated from Goldman Sachs 10KSB, a five month MBA-style curriculum developed by Babson College. Artisan Barber also recently had it’s three year anniversary. Our brand could not have made it this far without the support of our clients and community. We will need your continued support as we re open and employ the many strategies, resources and tools, learned in this business program to drive growth and build better business relationships in a post covid-19 New York.

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What’s New at ARTISAN BARBER in Year three?


“ Appointment Only ”

To support social distancing and reduce waiting We are requiring all our customers to book in advance using our mobile app, website or social media links.


“ You Tube Channel “

We will provide more value to our community by producing regular tutorials, testimonials and other educational content on You Tube and our across our Social Media Platforms.

“ Cash Less ”

To reduce overall contact We are going cashless using all other payment methods with a new card reader that accepts tap, swipe, chip, Interac, Apple Pay, and Android Pay and Venmo for Tips.


“ Artisanal Goods “

We are collaborating with several local brands to improve our branding and ingredients offerings for better efficacy. We hope these goods look great in your home and on your hair.


“The gap between what I knew about business when I launched , and what I’ve experienced in Business over the last three years is staggering”!

  • Charlie McCoy – Founder