Booking With Artisan Barber During Covid-19

On June 22, New York City entered Phase 2 of reopening and that included establishments such as restaurants and barber shops. Located on the Upper East Side, Artisan Barber was one of many barber shops that reopened earlier this summer. Despite this, restrictions are still in place for such businesses. Specifically for barber shops, staff and clients are required to wear masks and remain six feet apart from each other. This is standard practice and something people have become accustomed to worldwide. However, there are further unwritten practices that clients should be following upon entering a barber shop. As one of best barber shops in NYC, we strongly suggest clients come with no product in their hair as currently washing services are too much of a risk due to the Coronavirus. Additionally, to ease any anxieties while getting a trim or a cut, wearing goggles is not frowned upon since the virus can potentially enter one’s body through one’s eyes. At this moment at Artisan Barber, our clients are expected to make contactless payments, while it is not required it is safer for both the client and our barber assisting in the check out process. On that same note, it’s much safer to simply bring your wallet or your true necessities as less is better. It comes down to contamination, the fewer personal belongings you bring, the likelihood of contamination decreases. Ultimately one of the biggest adjustments to make when attempting to get a trim at our premium NYC barber shop is to book prematurely. Since barber shops and salons