Covid Response

Effective March 28, 2020

Effective March 28, 2020

Designed by Artisan Media Group

Designed by Artisan Media Group

We plan to re-open during phase 2 of gov. cuomo’s NEW YORK FORWARD PLAN

OUr Covid-19 REsponse


Barbicide Certifications

 We all have received documentation from BARBICIDE® which is approved by EPA for efficacy against Human Coronavirus, including COVID-19.


Mask & GLoves

We are requiring all employees and customers to wear masks when in frequent close contact with others and implementing strict cleaning and sanitation standards.

COntactless Transactions

We are working with our technology partner SQUIRE, to make pre-paid bookings a permanent feature of our service in preparation of re-opening.


Staff Testing

We require all staff to get tested before they return to the workplace, and or reporting confirmed positives to customers. Almost everyone will have to adapt, in some way or another, to our new normal.