About our founder:

Charlie McCoy is a investor, serial entrepreneur and men’s grooming expert, with over 20 years of Barber and Beauty Industry experience. He spent 5 years with L’Oréal parent company at Kiehl’s since 1851, has a Babson education and is the founder and CEO of Artisan Luxury Brands, a CPG parent company and creative agency based in New York City.

Charlie works as a industry leader to build both brick and mortar and e-commerce businesses. He has founded 5 successful companies in the past 3 years and leads a diverse team of creatives. He owns and operates a global portfolio of growth brands.

He is on a mission to revolutionize what it means for Indy brands to disrupt the consumer personal care goods market with new ideas and collaborations.


A little bit of history…


Although he already had years of working as a barber under his belt, Charlie began a new journey as a barber and brand ambassador for L’Oreal’s Khiel’s Since 1851.



With his skill and charisma Charlie opens his first barbershop in NYC, Artisan Barber, bringing with him his diverse and loyal clientele.


Charlie launches the first product line for Artisan Barber. The line includes a range of shampoo, conditioners, beard balms, and more.


Following the success of Artisan Barber, Charlie opens his second business, unisex luxury salon Orchard & Ludlow in the Lower East Side of NYC.



The Coronavirus Pandemic impacts the globe and Charlie is forced to temporarily close his shops


With adjusted hours and a few restrictions, Charlie reopens both Upper East Side and Lower East side locations.

Charlie launches Artisan Luxury Brands, parent company to Artisan Barber and Orchard & Ludlow.


Artisan Media Group is created under Artisan Luxury Brands, for content creation.

Charlie creates the lifestyle brand The Grooming Alchemist, a space for men looking to upgrade their lives.



Artisan Luxury Brands acquire Duke & Hyde, a U.K. Based men’s grooming e-commerce brand.



Who We Are

“The dopest creative agency in New York City”

ALUX Brands is a CPG parent company and creative agency based in New York City, that provides marketing, brand development, and media advertising across diverse categories and segments. Founded by Charlie McCoy, the agency does not simply create a brand’s artistic expression, Artisan Media Group also establishes its brand’s identity and reputation. The agency brings a distinct flair to its brands, by storytelling through original content production.


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There has never been a better time in history to work with well run, super creative, black-owned enterprises. ALUX brands has leveraged a global team of creatives along with multiple agencies to accelerate e-commerce growth, good will branding and community building. We are headquarters in downtown Manhattan and we take on local as well as global partnerships and projects.




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